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Puebla, México

Accommodation in Puebla

The current Hotel Puebla de Antaño is a beautiful construction dating from the XVII and XVIII century. This boutique hotel in Puebla, is considered one of the most beautiful “Casona” ( house) in the Historic center, mostly because of the fine carved stone and wooden details on doors and windows, this hotel in Puebla downtown take us back to a historic and antique time of the city. Located in the antique Calle de los Infantes no.6, today the street is called 3 Oriente no.206.

From the beginning of the XX century until 1952, it was a home of the family of a famous Mexican writer Angeles Mastreta, when the Italian consulate, which was previously installed in this house, changed its location, leaving it to be a typical vicinity of Puebla, conserving the original cornices (from which the replicas and reconstructions are made for the decoration of rooms), floorings, stairs, guardrails and patios.

During the time when this residence was a vicinity, it was also a Public notary until the late XX century, and now in its place there is a gourmet restaurant La Casa de los Espejos (The House of Mirrors), in which is still conserved the part of the floor that belonged to the main office of the mentioned Italian consulate.

We can also note the grey tiles and yellow flowers in certain areas of the hotel, which used to be a part of the balcony floor, where in the old times the family Mastreta would sit and enjoy the excellent coffee made by Mrs. Mastreta for her children.

This house was purchased and invested in for its complete restoration in year 2006, and for the protection of the historic and cultural significance left in every corner of this antique house, and what is the best way of recover it than make it a hotel of a special category, offering the best comfort and an excellent and quality service, with a completely personalized treatment, enjoying it in this colonial historic property.

Nowadays, this Hotel Boutique is characterized by its excellent service and for its exquisite gourmet cuisine, as well as 19 suites divided by two patios. The suites are named by the “barrios” (districts) of Puebla.


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